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De Spin op Castricummer kermis

Nice to meet you on this site dedicated to GMC trucks of the CCKW type. I guess most of you will associate the CCKW with the Second World War. However, my own memories go back to the fairground in front of the house where I was born in 1957. In the week ahead of every second weekend of August our village was visited by a couple of CCKW's transporting the showmen's materials. As a kid I fell in love with these trucks at first sight. This site provides information on the history and technical background of the CCKW, refers to more detailed sources, shows several hundreds of historical pictures, includes a data base of circa 300 miniature scale models, and allows you to enjoy my own collection in scales of 1/160 to 1/24. Graze as much as you like but do not copy anything (pictures, text, sound) without contacting me for permission to do so!.

 Terug naar het Nederlands ! 

GMC van Van Dam's Spin GMC van van Van Dam's Spin

Recent additions:

   21 September 2023: GMC of Batenburg and Folmer, movers
   18 September 2023: GMC of Vosmeijer movers, Deventer
   4 August 2023: Various draglines and cranes on GMCs
   4 August 2023: Various GMC tippers
   13 Julyl 2023:GMC pulling lowbed semi
   23 June 2023:Danish tractor with elongated cab
   23 June 2023:Dragline of De Moel and Hermes, Alkmaar
   3 June 2023:Various pictures of Lievense firm from Zoutelande
   9 May 2023:Truck of Quartel firm
   9 May 2023:Truck of Kolfschoten firm
   11 April 2023:Breakdown lorry for public transport recoveries, Budapest
   5 April 2023:Wet feet
   28 March 2023:Time for another fair ground GMC
   28 March 2023:Fuchs type 300 dragline, Spijkenisse
   19 March 2023:Unknown tipper
   11 March 2023:GMC with dragline of Pullens firm
   14 February 2023:GMC tipper under the hopper, Dordrecht
   12 February 2023:GMC tipper and dragline of Berg, Nuland
   12 February 2023:Ransomes Rapier dragline on GMC carrier
   4 February 2023:Tipper of Van Weeghel, Leiden
   2 February 2023:Tipper of Beitsma, Dokkum
   2 February 2023:CCKW and AFKWX at SBS dock
   2 February 2023:Refuse truck of Rotterdam town
   2 February 2023:Tipper of Frijters, Fijnaart
   2 January 2023:Time for another cemetary
   14 December 2022:Typical 50-60s picture
   26 November 2022:Tipper loading cement bags around Hoogeveen
   9 October 2022:Tippers of Hobe firm
   14 September 2022:Elongated GMC of Rommenhoeller Carbondioxide
   5 August 2022:Time for another fair ground GMC
   14 June 2022:Another series of tipper pictures
   14 June 2022:GMC of Hordijk bros
   14 June 2022:A Terro Tipper again
   29 mei 2022:GMC tipper of De Waard firm, Lekkerkerk
   15 mei 2022:Dragline of Van der Wal firm
   15 mei 2022:Unloading sugar beets
   15 mei 2022:Tipper of unknown firm at work in Amsterdam
   15 mei 2022:Tippers of Boon from Hoek van Holland
   20 April 2022:Another GMC involved in soil surveillance
   14 April 2022:Orex soil surveillance
   14 April 2022:Home made sleeping cab
   14 April 2022:BP tank truck
   14 March 2022:Old soldiers of Pol Leeuwarden
   13 March 2022:Tippers working for the Amsterdamse Ballast Maatschappij
   21 Februari 2022:Tipper of Van der Helm
   21 Februari 2022:Tippers of Amsterdamse Ballast Maatschappij
   12 Februari 2022:Another little accident
   6 January 2022:Miniature of Poclain TU excavator
   5 January 2022:Tipper of Zuidam, IJmuiden
   5 January 2022:Tipper of the Zandvoort City authority
   5 January 2022:Tipper of Westerbeke, Westkapelle
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