The second life of GMC's

Wanted and offered


  • SCALE MODELS: For my conversions I'm constantly in need of GMC frames and cabs in scales 1/43 (Dinky Toys) to 1/50 (Altaya, Ixo, Solido). Blistered, worn, incomplete: no problem at all. Responses

  • DIESEL LOGO's: When the original Chevrolet 270 petrol engine was substituted for a diesel engine, logo's of that diesel engine were attached to the brush guard of the GMC. For Ford diesel the logo was a globe with the word 'Ford Diesel' in, for Perkins diesel it was vizualized by four connected brass rings, and for Henschel Diesel the logo consisted of the elegantly shaped words 'Henschel Diesel' in brass font. I know where replica's are for sale, but who happens to sell original ones? Reponses

  • -PICTURES: In the ealry 60s De Spin, a merry-go-round with metal sheet 'rockets', frequented fairs in the western part of The Netherlands. The stuff was transported by two GMC's (light blue plate work, red frame). For details, please, consult 'In search of the two GMC's of De Spin' on this website. Who did ever make pictures of them? Pictures of any other GMC CCKW are just as welcome. Responses


  • GMC BOOK: Boniface & Jeudy's (1978) the classic publication 'Le GMC, un camion universel', any accetable offer, excluding postage. Responses

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