The second life of GMC's



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  • Picture and sound

    Among the many videos made by Johan Edelhausen (, there are two fully dedicated to GMC, called 'GMC Adventures' and 'GMC Special'. They comprise recordings of recent off-the-road events but also a few recordings from 1940-1945. A sample of Johan's recordings can be found on the page Not too late! within this web site. Every now and then, the television broadcasting company Discovery Channel repeats a documentary called 'Machines that won the war'. Not unexpectedly, one of the five items pertains to the CCKW. The documentary contains very interesting interviews with former drivers. A selection from this documentary can been watched here.


    The ultimate museum to see CCKW's as they would have looked like when leaving the factories, was undoubtedly the George Marshall Museum in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands. This private collection was moved to a Museum for War and Resistance History in Overloon, The Netherlands. After a couple of years there was a conflict between the former owner of the collection and the museum. I do not know which share of the initial collection is still shown. So, check out before you go for it.

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