The second life of GMC's

Engine and drive train

GMC engine maintenance 1 GMC engine maintenance 2

Engine type:                    Chevrolet 270 petrol
Cooling system               Water
Cylinders:                        6 in line with top valvel
Bore:                                96 mm
Stroke:                             102 mm
Cylinder capacity:            4,416 liter
Compression ratio:          6,75 : 1
Capacity:                          91,5 HP (67 kW) at 2750 rpm
Maximum torque:             28,85 Nm at 1400 rpm   

GMC engine drawing GMC engine drawing
Back side and right side of a GMC Chevrolet 270 engine

GMC engine photo
How the engine shoudl look like at its delivery

GMC with DAF diesel logo GMC with Ford diesel logo GMC with Deutz diesel logo GMC with Perkins diesel logo GMC with Henschel diesel logo

Due to its considerable fuel consumption (35 liters per 100 km), many post-war civilian GMC users converted their trucks to LPG or diesel. Wellknown European suppliers of diesels were Perkins, Ford, Henschel, Deutz and DAF. Paul Hazen compiled the list below showing all the firms providing diesel engines for GMC's.

Table with different types of diesel engines


A few examples of advertisements on engine alternatives (courtesy of Ad Gevers, Peter Albers and Henk Jansen):

GMC ad with Henschel diesel GMC ad with Henschel diesel GMC ad Henschel diesel

GMC ad with Henschel diesel GMC ad with Perkins diesel GMC ad Bedford

GMC ad Berliet GMC ad Berliet GMC ad Algas


Clutch: mechanically single dry plate

Gearbox transfer ratios: 1st 6,06:1,  2nd 3,50:1,  3rd 1,80:1, 4th 1:1, 5th 0,79:1 and reverse 6,00:1; tranfer case high gearingg: 1,155:1; transfer case low gearing: 2,602:1.

Drive via shafs (consult drawing below) from transfer case with either 6x4 (high or low gearing) or 6x6 (low gearing only)                             

GMC engine maintenance 1

Brakes: non separated, vaccuum supported ('Hydrovac')  brake drums on all wheels.

Tires: 7.50 x 20 with ply rating 8 with (usually) 'non-directional' profile.

GMC engine maintenance 1 GMC engine maintenance 2

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